Full-Length Hazmat CDL Practice Test

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This Hazmat CDL practice test contains 100 questions. This test contains more Hazmat CDL practice questions than you’ll probably need to pass the Hazmat endorsement, but why take any chances? Answering 100 practice questions will prepare you better than answering a mere 10 questions!

Full Length CDL Hazmat Practice Test
Full Length Hazmat CDL Practice Test
How difficult is the Hazmat test?

The Hazmat test is moderately difficult. You don’t be able to pass the test unless you study. The Hazmat tables and classes are the most difficult subjects to master.

How many questions are on the Hazmat test?

There are 30 questions on the Hazmat test. You might score at least 80% on the test, so you need only 24 correct answers.

How many types of CDL endorsements are there?

There are 6 types of CDL endorsements. Only the School Bus endorsement test requires a physical driving test. The Double/Triple Trailers, Passenger, Tank Vehicle, Hazmat, and Combination endorsements are written tests and do not require a separate driving test.

What is the letter code for the Hazardous Materials endorsement?

The letter code for the HazMat endorsement is H.

Is the HazMat test multiple choice?

Yes. The HazMat endorsement test is multiple choice.

This Hazmat CDL practice test contains questions on shippers, carriers, drivers, hazardous materials classes, hazmat labels and placards, the hazardous materials table, shipping papers, the placard tables, loading and unloading hazardous materials, driving and parking rules, hazmat emergencies, and hazmat terms and definitions.

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CDL Hazmat Practice Tests – Full-Length Hazmat Practice Test – Federal CDL Manual

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